Mahagandayon Monastery – the magnificient monastery with more than 3000 monks

Mahagandayon Monastery – the magnificient monastery with more than 3000 monks living and studying here, where you can see hundereds of monks wait in long queues fro their Swan in every morning.

Mahagandayon Monastery Myamnar

Hundereds of monks wait in long queues fro

1. About the Mahagandayon Monastery

Mahagandayon Monastery is the most well-known monastic college where tourists from Myanmar tours can learn about the monks’ education. It is situated in Amarapura, 11 kilometers to the south of Mandalay city. Thousands of monks can stay here while they study Buddhism both inside and outside of Myanmar. Tourists are drawn to Mahagandayon monastery by its tranquility rather than its majesty. This monastery is renowned for its rigorous spiritual practices. The novice monks must learn the 227 steps necessary to become a monk. A Mahagandayon monastery education lasts between seven and ten years.

Mahagandayon Monastery Myamnar

Morning ceremony in Mahagandayon Monastery

2. The daily life in Mahagandayon Monastery

The daily rituals that the monks must perform help them concentrate on their studies. They have to get up at 4.30 in the morning and eat breakfast on time at 5. After eating, they tidy up and get ready for their Pali language classes. Following the line-up-monk at lunchtime is the most alluring activity for visitors to the monastery on a Mandalay day tour. The monk is not permitted to eat dinner after that meal, which is at 10.30 am. At that time, visitors can take pictures and offer gifts to the monks. Mahagandayon monastery offers visitors a tranquil setting. Tourists will always remember this place for the peaceful atmosphere and the image of a line-up of silent yellow-brown monks.

Mahagandayon Monastery Myamnar

Mahagandayon Monastery in Myanmar