Nyaung Oo Market

Overview of Nyaung Oo Market

The city of Bagan, originally Pagan, is situated in the center of Myanmar. The Pagan monarchy had its original capital in Bagan, which ruled from the ninth through the thirteenth centuries. More than 4,000 temples and monasteries were constructed here between the 11th and the end of the 13th centuries, during the height of the Pagan Kingdom. But there is still a busy place nearby those holy artifacts.

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Overview of Nyaung Oo Market

There are numerous things for visitors to see and experience here, despite there not being a sizable market. The market is divided into regions that deal in various items, with the “wet” market being a must-see area. This market sells almost everything that is available in Myanmar, including longyis (traditional Burmese sarongs), contemporary clothing, fresh fish, colorful produce, rattan handicrafts, and tea leaves, one of the country’s most well-known specialties. Additionally, Nyaung market includes a wide variety of vendors selling superb indigenous pottery that can be given as gifts to relatives or loved ones.

Additionally, visitors have the chance to interact with residents of Nyaung U village and learn about a typical day in the life of a local. This entails adapting to their way of life, learning about their culture, understanding how people go about their everyday lives, savoring the distinctive aroma of the local rice, and mastering the ability to transform ordinary wood into a work of beauty…

A must-see location when visiting the ancient capital is Nyaung Oo Market, one of Bagan’s distinctive and colorful local markets.

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Picture of Nyaung Oo Market

What to see at Nyaung Oo Market

When you visit the market, you may buy practically all of the notable goods from the area, including the traditional longyi, other types of clothing, rattan items, and tea leaves. Additionally, you will have fantastic opportunities to capture as many images as you desire for your Myanmar photography trip and fully experience the people’ distinctive culture. You might transfer from here to one of the most revered pagodas in the area.

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Rattan Items Sold in Nyaung Oo Market

Why is Nyaung Oo Market special?

A neighborhood market is located at Nyaung U, a settlement northeast of Bagan. Most independent travelers stay at Nyaung U, a busy river town with more activities than are available elsewhere in Bagan (or backpack). The Nyaung U Market offers travelers a fantastic photo opportunity as well as the ability to interact with and observe the locals of Myanmar as they go about their everyday lives. The market has a wet market as well as many areas offering various goods. There are sections for the sale of clothing, rattan products, and tea leaves, a specialty of Myanmar.

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A Woman Smoking Cheroot at Nyaung Oo Market

What to explore in Nyaung Oo Market?

Nyaung U Market, the neighborhood market for Nyaung U Village, is situated in the northeastern region of Bagan. From the traditional longyi to other types of clothing, from rattan things to tea leaves—one of the nation’s specialties—there, you may find practically all Myanmar goods in its various divisions. Additionally, this is a great chance for you to get images of exquisite rice, astonishingly fresh vegetables, and genuine interactions with locals while “studying” a facet of their way of life. You may travel to Shwezigon, one of Bagan’s most significant Buddhist buildings, from the market.

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Little Monks on a Day at Nyaung Oo Market

How to get to Nyaung Oo

At the east end of the main road, close to the roundabout, is where you’ll find Nyaung U Market. The location is easily accessible from the airport by e-bike, horse-drawn carriage, or local taxi.

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People in Nyaung Oo Market are Very Friendly

When to visit Nyaung Oo Market?

Early in the day is the ideal time to visit Nyaung U market. You may get your hands on the greatest and freshest commodities at this time since local vendors congregate at the market to trade their wares. The best time to take pictures for memories is also in the early morning when everything is still very alive. Thus, the only advice is to rise early if visitors wish to take in the market’s energy. Impressive photographs of the vibrant and active life here can be taken. The people of Myanmar are especially kind and cheerful, and they are always willing to pose for photos with you.

Use your negotiating abilities to acquire the greatest deal on the products you wish to purchase from the market as keepsakes. Don’t be hesitant to sample the incredible food street at the market if you enjoy eating. If you wish to sate your appetite after a long day of exploring the market, visitors may also check out the varied gastronomic alternatives available at various eateries close by.

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A Picture of Nyaung Oo Market